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Ridley Park Excavating and Trenching

Do you have site work that needs to be completed for property enhancements or improvements as Extreme Landscaping LLC offers experienced excavating and trenching services at affordable rates. We’ve built a solid reputation as a team of excavation specialists in Ridley Park who can provide the high quality services suited to each client’s needs.

Expert excavating site work or trenching of utility lines

Whether you’re planning to install an in-ground or above-ground pool, trench for new or existing electrical or plumbing services consult a Extreme Landscaping LLC professional before you start digging for a complete evaluation of your property and to prevent any hazards or unnecessary delays.

Getting the ground ready for digging is subject to specific codes and regulations in Ridley Park. Extreme Landscaping LLC professionally evaluates your property to avoid any potential problems down the road. Our licensed and insured team of excavators ensure you are completely satisfied from our thorough planning.

A complete range of services

Whether you need to excavate for a new pool or want to remove an old one and restore your property, contact a Extreme Landscaping LLC staff member for information about any of the following:

  • Layout plans on your property for excavation project
  • Ground leveling before or after projects
  • Installing or updating underground utility lines
  • Landscape restoration
  • Property clearing and clean-up

Extreme Landscaping LLC is recognized as a dependable and efficient Ridley Park excavator who can provide safe excavating and trenching services for your property or contractors needs. Call us at (610) 506-2921 for information and a free estimate.

Extreme Landscaping LLC provides consultation for:

  • Professional assessment of underground and overhead utility lines
  • Land surveying and ground leveling

Our staff can also discuss the most cost effective solutions and offer helpful advice for your pool in the Ridley Park area.